Work Sample – Drawing and Design Fundamentals

Still Life, Gouache on Bristol Board.

This is a piece that I completed around mid-semester for Drawing and Design Fundamentals. It was during our color theory unit and we were to use gouache (a type of paint) to create a composition and paint it from reality. This project was very interesting and fun for me because it forced me to try a medium I haven’t used before. We were asked to create a composition of our choice with multiple objects of our choosing in it. We were given the flexibility to create a composition in real life that was interesting to us, and I think that really helped students including myself gain inspiration to create. After setting up the objects with good lighting we were asked to paint them in color with the most detail possible. This was a difficult assignment and forced students to step out of their comfort zone because we had only been working in values (black and white) up until this point. Creating and mixing colors is a whole different challenge because you have the whole spectrum to choose from. Overall this exercise was informative and helped me practice a painting style that I don’t do much and forced me to create from reality, I enjoyed the challenge.