Daily Create #TDC3681

For this week’s Daily Create I followed the prompt to share or edit a selfie in which you are wearing “Crazy Glasses” of some sort. I chose a picture of some friends and me at a “Hippie-Themed” party that took place in our dorm building. At the party we were all wearing colorful, interesting, 60’s themed outfits that aligned with the style at the time. That’s why we’re so strangely dressed, and wearing such colorful clothing. Luckily, I already had funky glasses on and therefore did not need to edit the photo much. However, I did do some touch-ups and edited the contrast and levels to make the colors pop and give a better representation of the vivid energy of the party. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be because I assumed I would have to photoshop glasses onto my face – which isn’t that hard – just time-consuming. The most challenging part of this Daily Create was cropping and editing the colors of the photo because it was originally pretty zoomed out.