DS106 – Meme 2

This was the DS106 second meme assignment for CMM240! The prompt was to find a “bad” picture that you took, layer it with a vintage or greyscale filter, then write a caption in meme-like fashion in Helvetica typeface. For this assignment, I searched through my camera roll to find a picture that I didn’t really like and found an offtake of a shoot I did during one of our first snows back on campus down at Freddy beach. When I shoot I often use burst mode so therefore I get some really good photos but get some badly-timed ones as well. Being my disorganized self I never really delete these shots that I don’t like because I often forget that they even exist, so I had a plethora of pictures to choose from. After picking out my photo I exported it to Snapchat in order to apply my take on a vintage filter that accentuates the pixels of the image and de-saturated the color a little ( I didn’t want to do greyscale because I feel like it’s not unique as most people will probably be doing it, and the example given by DS106 was in color ). After applying the filter(s) in Snapchat, I exported it once again using AirDrop so I could further edit it on my computer ( I use a Mac and iPhone so transferring images between them is seamless and easy ). I then popped the image into photoshop and added the text/ caption in Helvetica. After that, I exported it as a JPEG and embedded it into my portfolio! This assignment was probably one of my favorites only because I didn’t really have any issues. The editing process was straightforward and I enjoyed the process overall! If I had to pick a challenge it would probably be finding a photo as my library is so disorganized!