DS106 Mid-Point Story

Daily Create(s)

Regarding my daily create assignments, I tend to spend a good amount of time making sure they’re quality unless the prompt is extremely simple. I’m a pretty strategic person, and often find myself thinking about what would make my daily create the most realistic, constituted, and polished. For example, I spent around 20 minutes during one of my prior daily creates (Giving an AI Person that doesn’t exist a story/ life) shuffling through the AI generator to find a face that matched the story I wrote, when It would’ve been easier the other way around. I tend to lean towards more ironic material because I like comedy and think it’s a privilege to be able to utilize such material in a university classroom environment. Also, – and this goes for my ds106 assignments too – I found that keeping the work for this class on a rough work schedule (especially for Practice Thursday’s work) has really helped me keep my head above water in this class. It can be extremely easy to become overwhelmed by missing work due to the creative nature of this class and the many smaller projects we work on, but by reserving time for QCQs, Daily Creates, and DS106 Assignments I feel less stressed than I would be doing everything at the last minute.

DS106 Assignments

I tend to create my ds106 assignments with things that I am passionate about and seem to be more personal with those specific assignments. I also prefer collaborating more with the ds106 assignments with the ones that allow it. For example in some meme or GIF assignments, I am able to work with Isaac and collaborate as he is my roommate and also happens to be in this class. The ds106 assignments tend to be more personal as well, with assignments being often less contained than the ds106dc’s, giving students more creative freedom. An example would be in the “Places of Peace” ds106 assignment, where we were able to choose images in a collage that bring us peace and calm. This assignment gave us a lot of creative control by allowing us to use pictures we feel connected to. Overall I enjoy both project formats!