Daily Create #TDC3700

For this week’s daily create, I chose one in which we had to use an Artificial Intelligence generator to create a face that didn’t already exist/ match a person living today. We were to use the generator to create a realistic-looking fact that could be passed off as a real person – compiled by data – and create a life and story for that person. I thought this project was one of the more interesting daily creates, as I had only heard of the AI generator used and never played around with it. Essentially it compiles data from thousands of real faces to create a fake one, which is pretty cool in my opinion. I thought it was fun and challenging to fabricate a story and realistic background of a fake person just based on what they look like they would be like in real society. It was somewhat time-consuming for me as I had an idea of the story I wanted to use but not what the person would look like, therefore I was scrolling through the generator for a while trying to find a face that would fit my description. I think in the future it would be more efficient overall to create a story or biography about the person and not try to find a person to fit the biography. Artificial intelligence is super interesting to me and the fact that we were able to tap into it for a daily creation was surprising, I would love to learn more about the process. Overall I think that this project was interesting and fun technologically and creatively!