College Story Podcast

This project was really fun and a reflective process for me personally. The College Story Project is somewhat open-ended, with students given basic podcast parameters to follow. Students were however given a lot of freedom to create a script, use music, and choose evidence based on a story that they create; which helps a great deal with personalization and kept students from getting bored. The projects should be focused on past audio journal entries recorded during the semester, and portray a plot that embodies students’ “college experiences”. I think that this final is a great way for students to look back at their semester, and realize/ appreciate how much they’ve grown and accomplished. For me, I chose a mostly linear path and utilized almost one journal entry from each week to try and capture as much as my semester to remember as possible. This project for me was really a reflective process as I’ve changed a good amount throughout the semester and accomplished a lot more than I expected for my first semester at a new school. Overall I think that this project was a very enjoyable part of the final, and I enjoyed looking back at past events that I had recorded.