Daily Create #tdc372


This was the DS106 I created on 1/31/2022! I noticed that the prompt was to create a card with an animal mashup on it and it seemed like a cool concept. I first began with thinking of words that rhymed with animal names, for example, Logger Dogger (a dog lumberjack). After thinking about this for a good while I somehow concluded that I wanted to rhyme a type of clothing with an animal. I settled on Plaid and then simply narrowed it down until I found a convenient animal name that worked. The first thing that came up on google when I typed in “Platypus” was Perry from Phinneas and Ferb, so I thought it would be funny to use him for the mashup. I simply then went into Adobe Illustrator and drew out a plaid scarf for him to wear, and bingo. This was my process while creating this week’s Daily Create!

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