DS106 – Image 1

  1. Bonny Eagle Pond, a small body of water near my house that is always quiet and peaceful. It was very still and calm during Thanksgiving week, and almost reflects the sky perfectly.
  2. A waterfall/ gorge a group of friends and I found while adventuring around the Biddeford/Saco area. It was very pretty and seemed unknown, as there weren’t many people there when we visited. However, hiking trails could be found winding around the woods in the area.
  3. A view from Jordan’s Point at UNE. I walked all the way down on to the exposed rocks when the tide was down and found it to be a very peaceful location on campus to relax and study.
  4. A small beach/inlet near Fortune’s Rock on Hills Beach rd, right down the road from UNE. This place was a beautiful area to relax with a small group of friends on a summer night. We also explored a bucnh and found some cool marine wildlife!