Daily Create #TDC3722

For today’s daily create we were to remix a scene from either Starwars or The Godfather, by sub-titling a scene with a line from the other movie. This was an interesting daily create with a lot of creative freedom, but in my opinion, it was very enjoyable. I took the classic quote “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”, and put it over a duel scene from one of the Starwars films. I thought this line would fit perfectly during a battle of some sort because of its hostile and cold (literally) nature, and I could actually see Darth Maul saying this line during the battle. Like I said above, I enjoyed this daily create thoroughly with the amount of creative freedom we were given. However, it may have been overwhelming at times as we need to select a scene and line from 2 whole movies, which could be stressful if a student hadn’t seen either film. However, even with my limited memory of The Godfather, I was able to find several famous quotes from the movie and choose one that I enjoyed. Therefore I think that this assignment is fairly well optimized for new bloggers and students in my opinion, as I could add text super easily with the built-in editing software MacBooks have. Overall this daily creation was a fun way to remember some older movies and play with their plots and writing.