DS106 – GIF 1

This gif project was very fun in my opinion and probably my favorite DS106 Assignment so far. Of course, I enjoyed the prompt more than the assignment itself, so props to the DS106 team for creating a captivating and interesting prompt to make this assignment not feel like an assignment! I loved searching through my camera roll trying to find a video of one of my cats being sassy, and this project was almost like a match made in heaven because my older cat named Scooter is almost never not sassy. She’s a large Maine Coon and likes to be the center of attention, so I chose a video of her receiving love from her technical “owner”, being my brother, and her not even responding in the slightest. This is usually the behavior she exhibits so I wasn’t surprised, more excited, and happy that I got to capitalize on her sassiness for an assignment. Some various obstacles I found in this process of creating a GIF would include tediously searching through my massive camera roll for a viable video that wasn’t too long, and figuring out how to work the online GIF creator. I had never created a GIF before in my entire life, so this project was somewhat of a breath of fresh air and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love my pets and found this assignment a great opportunity to remember them and remind myself that they’re waiting for me back home! Thanks for making this assignment a fun one, I really did enjoy looking through various videos of my cat to find one that truly captured her sass. Overall I think this was a fun experience and even a time to reminisce memories I have of my pets, and I looked through old videos of them. I’m excited to see what the next DS106 Assignment has in store!