Daily Create #TDC3706

Today’s daily-create was fairly straightforward compared to last week, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. We were to find a song or podcast suitable for someone who travels living in the 1890s-1990s. This proved challenging in only the fact that I wanted to find a song that was relevant and written in the given time frame. Being written in 1981, Don’t Stop Believin’ was a great match in my opinion regarding the prompt at hand. I always associate this song with road trips and specifically driving on the highway during the summer. I’m not really sure why and don’t really question it much because it seems to be a common road trip song – at least according to Google’s list. It could be the pace of the song, or we subconsciously relate it because the band’s name who wrote it is called Journey. Either way, I believe that this song makes great road trip/ travel music for any occasion and any time within the given range. I think that the lyrics are encouraging and make sense in the given time frame, and the song speaks a universal truth/ language to everyone listening. This song is a great travel track in my opinion, and I’m happy the daily creation for this week encouraged students to browse for new podcasts and music options subtly. Overall the daily create at hand was a fun and lighter assignment compared to the others, yet I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m excited to find out what my next ds106 daily create has in store!