ART 199-A

TOPICS – Digital Illustration

Official Description(s): This course is designed to cover topics in the art field not typically covered in other courses in the curriculum. ART 199 A – The Art of the Letter New to art? Think you can’t draw? One of the most advanced forms of drawing is already at your finger tips- the art of handwriting- or the use of visual symbols to represent sounds and ideas. This course will build on your knowledge of letters to introduce the fundamentals of design and studio art. We will learn representational drawing methods, and basic calligraphy while designing our own imaginative alphabets and books. Students will leave the course with substantially enhanced drawing skills along with a portfolio of creative projects culminating in an abecedarium or ABC book or poster. ART 199 B – Found and Foraged Art Making This course will focus on environmentally conscious and responsible art making. Students will learn to use both natural and recycled materials with an emphasis on nontoxic approaches. We will experiment with natural fiber dying, papermaking, wearable art, flower pressing, and relief printmaking. This course will encourage using repurposed and recycled materials. The ecosystem will be a source of inspiration and a resource for gathering and foraging materials. ART 199 C – Collage Printmaking This course will begin by collecting a wide range of every-day supplies like string, fabric, sand, buttons, wrappers, coins, cutouts, and other repurposed, textural surfaces to create collaged reliefs. Students will construct their own printing plates out of these varying found materials that will then be inked and run through a printing press to create series and multiples of artwork. This course takes an innovative yet, accessible approach to Print Making and offers tools to continue the process outside of the studio. Experimentation and process will be key.

Student Description: This course will equip students with a skill set that is viable in order to pursue a career in today’s career landscape and prepare students to work adaptively and effectively. Students will learn various digital art forms and design skills including those of the Adobe Suite like Photoshop and Illustrator. These programs are the industry standard at most companies and these skills are irreplaceable and extremely important in today’s society. Students will acquire a wide range of skills and an understanding of digital design, illustration, and photo manipulation. These skills are useful in today’s technological age and will assist in giving student’s a broad skill set to be utilized and adapted in many ways to pursue a plethora of different future careers.