Daily Create TDC#3751

For this week’s daily create, I chose a fairly simple and easy prompt that still contains a hot take/ heated argument. For TDC on 4/20, we were to create a poster regarding our take on the age-old argument of which side of the roll should we hang our toilet paper. There are many arguments for each side, a notably solid one being to hang your toilet paper under the roll so it’s harder for children to reach it and wreak havoc. However, if you don’t have toddlers running around this argument is essentially useless and I personally tend to believe it’s better overall to hang the TP over the roll, like the diagram above in my tweet. In my opinion, it looks better and is more efficient to hang the toilet paper over the roll. It keeps the toilet paper clean and tearable, as sometimes using the opposite method causes the paper to rub against the wall, plus it’s further away therefore harder to grab/ use. While making this daily create, I keep my opinion in mind and found some art agreeing with my claim, then used the text tool in my native photo-editing software to add some comedic or sarcastic value to my “poster”. I didn’t face many noticeable challenges during the creation of my post based on the given prompt, and this dc wasn’t my favorite out of all the ones we’ve done so far. It was cool that we got to voice our opinions on this age-old issue, and the prompt gave us a good amount of creative freedom to create whatever we wanted to voice our view on the given topic. Overall this was a fun and light daily create.