DS106 – Image 2

For this DS106 assignment, we were to create a panoramic photo of ourselves repeating at least 2 times in the same picture. One of my roommates held and panned the camera as Isaac and I rotated around the room to opposite locations. I think that it was a good idea to do a collaboration, not because it might be easier, but because it looks more interesting and weird with more than 2 figures. It definitely took a few tries to get it right, as I had never created a panoramic photo for this use. I’d think that the two of me in the picture were not friends but simply just confused and surprised to see another that looked exactly like them, almost like an alternate reality. This may be unknown to some but the photo was actually inspired by the meme created based on the original Spiderman show, where the three spidermen are staring at each other and pointing. We got the idea to imitate this with our collaboration and I think it came out looking very funny and believable considering we didn’t use any editing. Some challenges we faced when completing this specific assignment would include needing an extra pair of hands to take the panoramic photo and getting the frames to move and look believable. The second challenge was the more challenging one as it took multiple tries to get it right, but as I said above I hadn’t done this before so was expecting a few bumps along the road. In the end, I gained some useful knowledge regarding camerawork and some tips and tricks when creating pano-content. As always, this assignment was a great creative experience in my opinion, and really got me to think outside the box, as well as collaborate and bond with a few of my roommates.