DS106 – Image 3

Here’s my rendition of the prompt for this week’s DS106 Assignment! This time, we were to find an old picture of ourselves and paste in a more recent pic of us doing something similar in the picture. I found this old picture of my brother and I on the first day of school (I think), and as you can tell I’m not very excited. Therefore I did my best to find a similarly standing image of me with okay lighting depicting an expression not too far off from my annoyance in the original picture. This was a really fun exercise not because we got to edit photos but because it allowed us to go back and look through old pictures of ourselves that – at least I wouldn’t have – looked through otherwise. I found the assignment interesting and a creative twist on a somewhat straightforward process! I started by texting my mom for images of me back when I was younger, preferably in a group or standing up so I could easily paste a recent photo in. Then after brewing a collection of pictures I chose one that I thought was funny and interesting. Usually for these assignments, I go into Pixlr or Photoshop to edit – but this time got lucky because the quality of lighting on my added picture actually kind of matches up with the original light source. I was able to simply add both photos and edit them in Apple’s Preview program, using the lasso tool to cut myself out and then copy and paste to move my recent self into the older picture. I’m excited to see what the next assignment has to offer!