DS106 – Meme 3

This assignment was a fun one in many ways to me personally. While we have been normally working creating gifs and static memes, this assignment was different because we were technically remixing an existing GIF. Actually, we were remixing a meme because there’s text over this GIF, so it’s basically both which is cool in my opinion. I thought this was a fun gif to customize because it was straightforward in its instruction – that being to replace “Socialism” with a different word ending in “ism”. I of course tried to play around with the definition of the word ethos to make my meme funnier, but it was actually somewhat difficult finding a usable “ism” word that wasn’t too offensive or dry. I chose “Imperialism” as my word because I think it goes against most ethics and morals of many cultures or ethos around the world. The dictatorial, power-hungry nature of attempting to seize all land and power possible is by definition unethical, so I thought the word would be comedic to use in this situation. The characters are notoriously easy-going in this scene as well, which also adds a comedic element as Imperialism is overall a pretty serious topic. Overall, I thought this Meme Assignment was fun because it mixed two concepts we have used separately in the past and combined them! I’m excited as always to see what the next DS106 Assignment has in store.