Baym QCQ 2/22

Anthony Marciano

CMM 240 A – Spring ‘22


QCQ for “Making New Media Make Sense”

“Communication about technology is also productive, generating new meanings for technologies, new uses of technologies, and even new technologies”. 

Comment (250-500 words)

While I was reading the assigned article, this specific sentence caused me to stop, think, and appreciate how far and revolutionary technology has come. The internet has also created these connections that are able to do so much for the human race as a whole regarding the advancements of technology. Communication about technology is extremely important and efficient, especially now that the internet has revolutionized communication and made it possible to communicate instantly across the entire world. In essence, I think this excerpt shows how we as humans thrive with input from other humans based on how we communicate. For example, many scientific breakthroughs and creative developments are found when someone with a different viewpoint looks at it. It’s the same idea as bettering an essay using peer review. Throughout our history, we have created improvements on existing technology based on different people adopting the technology, for example, the steam engine being utilized to power many different types of machinery. This as stated above can even lead to completely new technology, think of how many inventions and products have been made possible by those collaborating through the use of the internet. This is using one technology as a form of communication to create new technologies. I just think that this is so interesting to think about, especially how many layers will come to be in the future of technology. For example, this could be collaboration using the internet, on a platform or program created to function on the internet, to create a new product. As we advance in technology, this can become even more layered and essentially become streamlined into the design process. Because I am someone who is very interred in graphic and interactive online design, this quote really grabbed my attention because I often use technology when creating. Overall I think this quote highlights the importance of communication and getting a secondary perspective when creating, plus how different technologies can enhance said perspectives.


Would technology today be as advanced if we only communicated “traditionally”, without the internet?