Daily Create #TDC3758

This was my take on today’s daily create assignment, and I’m actually proud of the outcome that came from this prompt. The prompt required us to create an image that shows the power or influence of books. I utilized a quite literal response to this and decided to take advantage of the Preview tool on my laptop and used the lasso tool to cut out an image of a book floating in the air. I used Google to find a stock image of people looking up at something, as I wanted to focus more on the influence of literature. I thought showing the literal draw of attention due to the floating book and how it affects the crowd was fitting to the definition of influence. There weren’t many challenges to this assignment besides how open-ended it was. It took some time to figure out how I wanted to display the power of literature and books. However, editing-wise and finding pictures after I had an idea wasn’t that difficult. In my opinion, creating an image that captures an audience captivated by a flying book shows the comedic value and follows the assignment well. Overall this was a fun way to make an open-ended assignment more interesting and easy to digest.