Daily Create #TDC3687

For this week’s daily create we were supposed to create or find the score, dialogue, or story to this picture. I chose to search throughout the internet and find a song that I think fits this scenario of two people working on an old plane. The song “Planez” by Jeremih is a pretty recent song, released in 2018, but I thought using it would be interesting because of the temporal context regarding this picture. The song is fast-paced therefore I thought it would fit with the theme of working, as when I am working on things faster music is often my go-to. What I thought was ironic and unique about the song choice I referenced above is the time at which the song was released. It was interesting and unique in my opinion that while the song is fairly new, the photo is old in context. Some challenges I found when completing this daily create would include finding a song/score that I thought was correct lyrically ( the song used mentions planes as well ), and finding a song that I though was unique and fit the situation. I also thought for a little regarding which of the options I wanted to complete, as this daily create had different choices to pick from about what we would create or find ( dialogue, score, situation, etc. ). This experiment yielded a fun and interesting way to explore different genres of music and search for certain lyrical content, which I had never done before. Overall I thought this daily create was a fun way to explore some new music! I’m excited to see what the next daily create has to offer.