DS106 – Meme 4

Here’s my take on this week’s new DS106 meme assignment! I really liked this one and thought it was a fun and creative twist to create “De-Motivational Posters”, as they are a type of meme in my opinion, and can be used for activism, and advertisement, but mainly for comedic effect. For mine, I wanted to make it look like it was a motivational poster, but include something uninspiring in the fine print/ caption under the title. Therefore I decided to make a poster somewhat inspired by global climate change, and looked up a picture of the earth burning. From there, I brought it into Adobe Illustrator and created an outline for the image, and a black background for everything to sit on. I tried to imitate the classroom motivational poster style seen in schools across America. So I used a very light grey font in with a typeface I thought looked familiar. Then I wrote a demotivational sentence at the bottom of my poster, also relating to climate change and injustice due to the inaction of those in power regarding the issue. The most difficult part of this assignment and something I struggled with was finding a topic to focus on, and also making my poster look somewhat similar to the original black and white ones that were present during my high school and middle school career. I wanted to focus on the issue of climate change because of SOC227, a climate change sociology class I am currently in which sparked my interest in the issue. Also, what’s a better crisis to be unmotivated for when it already causes crippling anxiety for many due to its catastrophic nature. Overall, I found this assignment creatively challenging, but somewhat technically easy.