Everything is a Remix QCQ – 3/8/22

QCQ for Everything is a Remix


“Creation requires influence, everything we make is a remix of existing creations, our lives, and the lives of others”. 

Comment (250-500 words)

I think that this snippet from Everything is a Remix is super important because it shows how much we depend on the creation of others to create ourselves, and it also sparks an argument between creative freedom and copying. This quote, while it’s true in many ways is difficult to hear for some artists who think their work is unique, original, and only in its own ways. Creation does require influence, but sometimes the influence is so minimal that the work is seen as brand new. I often argue that as an artist all work is unique, but in essence, everything is based on something, some art being more obvious than others. For example, our species evolutionarily developed creativity by viewing what was outside the caves we lived in. The first cave drawing was of an animal, showing we had the capacity to learn from what we see. Yet what makes it interesting is that the first example of creativity from our species is a cave painting of a human with a lion’s head. This is mashing two already existing creatures into one, basically remixing them. While this is obvious if you compare the art created by people inspired by animals, next to abstract art by someone that they saw in a dream the difference is impossible to quantify that the second option seems to be completely unique. We are subtly inspired by our subconscious as we create, so therefore even if we’re trying to create something “new”, in the back of our mind is a process that’s compiling experiences to create the “new” thing. The argument stands that everything is a remix, however, I would argue that sometimes we use so little remixing/ influence that it’s no different from something new and unique. I think that it’s important for any creator to realize the above quote and make it a priority to address influences, give credit when remixing, and try to be unique and make your mark.


Do you think it’s possible to create completely uniquely under certain circumstances? For example, someone creating art who suffers from a sensory disability.