DS106 – GIF 4

For this week’s GIF assignment created by DS106, we were to pick a scene from one of our favorite or least favorite movies, clip it, and make a gif with limited frames to capture the essence of the action. This assignment in my opinion was more creatively challenging than any of the other GIF assignments in the past, as you had to find a clip that was important in a movie, as well as select a few frames that you think sum up the entire clip. For my GIF, I instantly thought of movies that were action-packed, as I thought it would be easier to find a clip from one of those movies. One of my favorite Christmas movies of all time is Home Alone, so of course, I was not shy to pick a gif from one of the trap scenes included in the hilarious film. I didn’t start with a clip from the movie but found an already made GIF of one of the traps on google, then simply put it into EzGIF to trim down/ remove the majority of frames present. I’m really happy with my work here and think I got very lucky which what frames I chose to remove. The above clip only has three frames repeating, however, I think the fire still looks somewhat animated and smoothly moving. The guy getting roasted throws in a great bit of comedic value, as his face is priceless and he’s not moving much. It almost looks as if only the fire is animated because the rest of the GIF is so still. The main challenge for me in this assignment was probably just finding an acceptable movie, scene, and clip to use for my rendition.