QCQ Rheingold 2/8

Anthony Marciano

CMM 240 A – Spring ‘22


QCQ for Participation Power

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

“Blogging is a way to find your voice and public, connect with like-minded communities, improve your digital portfolio, influence others, and contribute to the commons. For Practical advice about blogging as participation, I begin with the notion of voice and four of the genres of blog rhetoric I have introduced to my university students: blogger as filter, connector, critic, and advocate”.

Comment (250-500 words)

In my opinion, this quote summarizes some of the many important takeaways from blogging. Finding your voice using the internet to publish things you are interested in is an amazing way to stay social and expressive even when limited by a pandemic, for example. Connecting with like-minded people can truly double to help you feel seen and not alone, as well as boost your internet presence and aid in getting your stuff out into the world. It’s also easier to blog about a topic and find a community when you’re actually interested, invested, and interacting with your topic. Activity in an online community is extremely beneficial to get noticed and participate, as is with any community. Some ways blogging has been organized is into the genres filter, connector, critic, and advocate”. The filter is regarding the filtering of online media, critic regarding the critiquing and editing, connecting regarding communication, and advocate regarding advocating blogging in real life and on the internet. These genres aren’t super important but can help new bloggers digest the internet and blogging as a whole, making it easier for them to process it. Creating a public voice isn’t necessary for blogging but can help a lot with publicity and other factors. If you post and tag your blog in other sources like social media or a website, you’re creating more avenues available for people to see your work and therefore get you noticed. As well as putting yourself out there, joining a community can help you stay involved and social in your blogging topic, however, it’s usually only useful to join a community if you actually care about it. If you join a community and are inactive, there’s a good chance you’ll be banned therefore I always recommend only joining a group/ topic that you actually like talking about. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people as well!


Would blogging exist without networking and online communities?