First Class Reflection 2/14

I think that for my first time in the classroom I felt very comfortable speaking and working with students! I definitely felt more confident after our meeting to learn more of the nuance of Eportfolio, and am happy that I was able to meet and learn more. Personally, I felt way more prepared than expected considering I had never spoken in front of a large class like that before. Overall the class ran smoothly in my opinion, with most students being on track which was a pleasant surprise to me. The most challenging part today was telling when students needed help because a lot of them would just turn around and glance at Jordyn or me instead of raising their hands. I think that most people were actually engaged and I noticed a good portion of the group looking at the screen as you were lecturing. Next time I would recommend simply time management. In the schedule, it said we would be staying until 1:30, but we ended up staying until around 1:45-50, and I had to run back to my dorm to pick up a delivery then run back to Decary for my 2 o’clock class. This is, of course, fine but it would just be helpful I think for the students as well to keep time balanced so we don’t spend too much time on one topic (i.e. Themes) for too long. But overall I think my first time in the classroom went great, I really enjoyed the experience.