Daily Create #TDC3744

For this week’s Daily Create, we were to “cancel” anything we wanted using a creative commons licensed website that allows you to remix their image by inputting any words you want into the top text bar. This was a somewhat easy ds106 daily create in my opinion only because the format for the prompt is already created, and you have to really just click on a link and input text into an already existing textbox. It was pretty simple, but I did take a few minutes to come up with a term to cancel that was creative and hadn’t been used yet. Of course, I wanted to cancel class as I’ve had a very stressful week with exams, housing, and class registration. Therefore the only thing I’d wish to be canceled right now would be classes. I’m going home for the weekend, though, and am excited to celebrate Easter with my family so at least I have something to look forward to after this week’s grueling schedule. Overall I enjoyed this daily create and didn’t struggle with it much, it was fairly simple in my opinion. This daily create was a nice light weight assignment and I’m glad I chose to do the prompt for today. I chose class as the word to be cancelled because it’s something I want, and I hope other students who see this daily create can relate and cancel things that would be in their own best interest. This daily create was fun, and I liked the prompt. The daily create often surprises me with DS106’s creativity and variety when creating these daily prompts in my opinion, and they make sure it doesn’t get boring!