DS106 – Gif 2

Like Ben, a morning ritual for me is coffee. Every morning I make a cup to wake me up, as I am not super productive in the morning generally! It’s really the caffeine that gets me going, as I often drink a variety of teas as well depending on what I feel like. This morning I brewed a cup of Starbucks’ Veranda roast, it was different from the norm, but I enjoy most dark blends so it did the trick.

This is the route out of my dorm building (Champlain) I take every morning, therefore I warranted it acceptable to include in the montage of consistent everyday activities. While this morning wasn’t as sunny as the prior day, it was still not super cold which I enjoyed. That being said please don’t take my tolerance to the cold as common, because I did grow up in Maine and often think a day that’s 40 degrees out is “nice”, compared to the rest of the winter that is. As I’m writing this it has begun to snow outside, so I’m glad I was outside for the clear-ish skies while they were present.

Sometimes after my first class of the day around noon – after eating lunch – I enjoy visiting the P.D.Merril Makerspace here on campus, located on Decary’s bottom floor. Whether it’s to visit those I know who work in the space or get some homework done, I always enjoy the productive and creative vibe that the area gives off. Recently on the student innovation team, we have been creating prototypes to show students regarding data tracking and activities relating to my teams’ final project. So I’ve been more consistently going to the lab to build and prototype before the deadline this week! We should be able to hopefully hear what students think of our ideas by the end of the week.

Finally, here I am starting my evening off with an early visit to the Commons for some dinner before my 5:00 graphic design class. The class is lecture/lab style with one meeting for 3 hours each week, so I’m always sure to eat enough to get me through it beforehand. Overall I think that this assignment was a great way to capture our days here on campus and create a digital story about them. I’m excited to see what the next DS106 assignment has in store.


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