DS106 – Image 4

For this ds106 assignment, we were to create a mock poster similar to the one used in The Brady Bunch, a famous television show where the characters are portrayed in “blocks” during the intro. For mine, I wanted to be comedic as possible, using many pictures of my roommates looking funny (as well as a professional headshot of Cripps), which I thought added to the weirdness of the project. I used “Crazy” as my word to describe the group, with everyone matching the adjective besides Cripps in the bottom center. I also didn’t crop all the photos to the exact size of the blocks somewhat on purpose to add to the DIY or homemade look of the poster. Sure to use funny and weird pictures, I tried to create a silly version of the famous and iconic poster that would make my roommates and group in class laugh. The main challenge of this assignment was probably taking photos of all my roommates and neighbors for this assignment, as I didn’t want to have to go back and search through all of my existing photos. This way took longer but paid off in the end because I could simply select the silly or funny ones, export them to my computer via AirDrop, and crop them to fit the template. I thought this assignment was creatively freeing as it allowed students a lot of customization with what photos they select for their “bunch”.