DS106 – Meme 1

I chose to do this troll meme focused on wise and knowledgeable characters/ people. I thought it would be a good option because often quotes by wise characters can be used interchangeably. For this meme the picture is of Yoda from Star Wars, the quote is by Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, and quoted is Morgan Freeman. While the quote fits with all three of them, who would actually be “trolled” in this instance would be the fan bases of the different medias. Comparisons between Harry Potter and Star Wars have been made a ton by viewers since both series’ ended, and some of the observations are correct. While they both share plot devices, they exist in very different universes with different characters. Therefore, die-hard Star Wars fans probably don’t like the comparison to HP that is chatted about a ton in the media. Harry Potter fans also probably don’t like Star Wars for this exact reason as well. These above reasons came into play when I chose my quotes for this meme, and while not directly malicious, the comparison above may stir the pot a little regarding the similarities between the franchises.