Daily Create #TDC3728

This is my take on the daily create I chose for 3/28! This create was pretty straightforward and a classic way to spread positivity that is often underused and under-rated in making people’s days. The prompt asked us to write and illustrate on a sticky note something positive, inspirational, or uplifting. I have recently been hating the cold weather and am so over it, therefore I decided to write on my sticky note about summer and the remaining semester. The fact that we’re already over halfway through the semester is crazy to think about as it feels like it just started, however, I use this fact to get through a lot of my assignments when I need an extra boost of productivity. It’s almost like telling myself “I’m already halfway there, why to quit now?”. So I decided to write about it not only because the semester is flying by, but also because good weather is right around the corner and I cannot wait. Our campus really shines and flourishes in the summer, so I hope the cold weather ends up leaving sooner than later. I enjoyed sharing my personal inspirations and current hopes/ joys with others and hope it helps them feel a little better if they’re stressing about schoolwork or the chilly weather. I placed this sticky note on the door of my neighbor’s suites anonymously, which is part of the fun of this prompt and assignment. I think there’s a power in anonymity because all that speaks is the message, and the receiver cant make any judgments regarding the person or innuendos because they don’t know who wrote it! Overall I really enjoyed this daily create and I hope we’re all able to spread some positivity when and where it’s needed.