Daily Create #TDC3735

For this week’s daily create assignment, I picked one where we were to add a cat to a movie scene with photoshop, or another photo-editing software. I found this assignment somewhat challenging but very fun, as I got to choose a movie that I think fits the cat I picked well. I knew for a movie I wanted to do “The Dark Knight”, as a new Batman movie has just been released and one of my roommates re-watched the amazing classic. After picking my movie, I wanted to find a cat that matched the theme of Batman, so I looked up “Batman Cat”, and nonetheless, there was a picture of a cat wearing a superhero suit that I grabbed from google. For the scene, I wanted to do one that was suspenseful and hoped the cat is a part of it would cause some comedic relief. After choosing an image of Batman interrogating the Joker, I used the Preview tool on my mac to cut out the cat, and paste it into the scene. I placed him on the desk but had some issues like Joker’s hands and the light being behind the feline, so I cut out copies of the parts that I wanted to overlap Catman and pasted them in place over him. That would be the most challenging part of this project in my opinion, and where I faced the most troubleshooting. Overall, I had a very fun time with this Daily Create, and am excited to see what the next one has to offer!