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My Top Five Clifton Strengths


Hi, my name is Anthony and I am an Art & Design Media major and Anthropology minor here at UNE! I’m a transfer student (Senior) and came to UNE from a noticeably smaller school to meet new people and expand my horizons. Starting as a nutrition student, I later switched to art after realizing how much food science a nutrition degree entails – while I am more of a culinary arts person. I took a commercial art class in Portland my senior year of high school and majored in it at my prior university, so I wasn’t shy of the arts and returning to my roots. I use art, music, and cooking as a form of not only expression but also to bring people together; and I truly believe that community is a huge part of the arts. During the pandemic, this community and social aspect of creative media are especially important in my opinion. I’m currently leaning towards Graphic Design or UX Design as a career after school, and look forward to experimenting with my passions and developing my skills over the course of my time at UNE! Overall, I’m very excited to meet new people and learn more over the next few years.