Spring Semester 2023 Reflection

This semester was different from most for me, as I started abruptly after returning from UNE’s Tangier Campus in Morocco! Luckily, I was accommodated quickly and shifted back into my schedule from semesters past. It felt strange not helping students while I was abroad, and when some of my friends had online tutoring sessions from Africa to the States is when I truly missed SASC. Here are some aspects of my weird half-year that I noticed!

High Points

  • Throughout the semester I have had the chance to work with students a lot more, and really began to feel comfortable helping out in classrooms! I even got to teach a class — sort of — alone!
  • In general I think we learned a lot of new software this year, I’m specifically recalling the podcast setup, soundboard, and microphones, as well as some of the new audio editing software we checked out.
  • I enjoyed the various mediums I worked in this semester, it felt far from linear and really was interesting for me. I worked with classic ePortfolio, but also taught audio software and even helped a class out in iMovie.

Goals for Next Semester

I haven’t been as involved with administrative work this semester as I had been in the past. I’ve been busy and haven’t really gotten around to completing many reflections on my multi-modal project. A goal for next semester would be hammering out my badge and finally completing it, and updating my ePortfolio to fit my current needs today.

Ideas for Improving

I enjoyed how the semester played out and thought it went smoothly! The only thing that I would say I miss is the longer shifts from last year. I got back from Morocco and had to figure out quickly that hours were basically cut, and I was making less than I was the prior year. I understand that this has to do with allocating resources based on employee population size in the Digi-Space, but I would love to see longer shifts if possible next year!